January 8, 2012 @ 1:15 PM

Whether you’re going for a ride to the park or a long-haul business trip, all dog owners know how transit can be stressful on an animal. A well-designed dog crate can make the trip a little easier on both you and your dog. And not every dog carrier will meet the needs of every dog or every trip. Paws Pet Beds offers three quality options, depending on your situation.

Leaving on a jet plane? Then the Vari Kennel is what you want. This heavy duty plastic carrier has been IATA approved for flights leaving the UK. While no pet looks forward to flying, the wire doors and vents on this crate will help promote air circulation, and the floor moat will keep them dry.

Need a carrier for car trips to the vet or the park? The Ferplast Atlas carrier is a great option. The wide ventilation grates mean your pet won’t feel so enclosed. You can even stuff your pet’s favorite toys in the storage compartments to bring along.

If you’re not a fan of the hard plastic shell carrier, have a look at our Maelson Soft Kennel. This collapsible kennel also doubles as a portable dog home. This kennel can be strapped into the seat belts of your car for safety.