January 6, 2012 @ 6:10 PM

A doggy house isn’t as simple a structure as you might assume. It doesn’t take a veterinarian to realize that a dog house has to have the proper design and build in order to keep your four-legged friend at a comfortable and safe temperature. Plus, houses that are outdoors are subject to the ravages of mother nature, and need to be well-built in order to stand up to the passage of time. Purchasing a dog house that is well-built but also well-priced can be hard to find: unless you’ve seen the Igloo Dog Kennel, of course.

What makes the Igloo special? Its architectural construction is smarter than your average dog house, at a better price. The Igloo shape isn’t just so your pooch can pretend she’s at the North Pole—it’s the shape that provides the best air circulation, to keep the air inside comfortable and safe. It’s also well-insulated, keeping it warm in winter and cool in the summer, creating a place your dog might actually want to lounge around in. The floor design promotes cleanliness and hygiene; the floor is raised off the ground and moulded with antimicrobial material. For between 100-200 pounds depending on the size, the Igloo is a great value for its many features.